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Lightweight Jumper or Cardigan

Lightweight Jumper or Cardigan

Price per clean £14.50
Price per clean Sale price £14.50
VAT included.

We aim to have it back to you within 2 working days, but if you're in a hurry, let us know and for an additional fee we can speed things up.

We understand the delicate nature of your lighter jumpers and cardigans and take pride in ensuring they receive the care they deserve. From fine knits to breezy weaves, our experienced team employs gentle techniques to refresh and rejuvenate your favourite lighter knitwear. Stains are expertly removed, and the fabric's softness is preserved. We dry clean or launder, then de-bobble and press any jumper or cardigan of any fabric, including silk, cotton and wool.

Please note we always clean according to the care label and will contact you for permission if we believe an alternative cleaning method will get a better result.

Heavy or cable knit jumpers or cardigans are priced separately.

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