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Bodywarmer or Gilet

Bodywarmer or Gilet

Price per clean £12.00
Price per clean Sale price £12.00
VAT included.

Expected turnaround is 1 week so we can ensure the jacked is aired and the feathers are properly dried.

Time to give your sleeveless jacket some love. We'll dry clean or launder it, and then give it a tumble dry to fluff up that North Face, Canada Goose, or similar bodywarmer or gilet.

Psst! If you're up for it, we've got a reproofing service in our bag of tricks. Just add it to your order, and we'll keep your gear water-resistant and ready for action.

Oh, and don't sweat it – we're like care label superheroes. We follow those instructions to a T. But, if we think we've got a sneaky method for an even better outcome, we'll definitely run it by you first.

By the way, a quick heads-up: if your item isn't the real deal or those care labels are unreliable, we can't take responsibility for any mishaps.

We're the top rated dry cleaners in England, so rest easy knowing your gilet is in the safest hands! 

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